List of Positive Affirmations for Success

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List of Positive Affirmations for Success

You can use positive affirmations for success in any area of your life: career goals and growth, self-confidence, financial goals, relationships, fitness goals, etc. Affirmations are a tool you can use to affect your subconscious and empower your future self. You’ll be less affected by everyday stresses or anxieties and less fearful about the unknown.

If you want to get straight to the affirmations, you can jump down to the list below.

However, like with any personal development habit, there are ways you can utilize positive affirmations more effectively to achieve better results. They’re not just some phrases you can spit out in from of the mirror for five minutes every day and then expect your life to change.

So before we get to the list of affirmations, I’d like to share some tips to help you use them successfully.

How to use positive affirmations effectively

1. Eradicate limiting self-talk

First let’s get to the core of how affirmations work.

Your thoughts affect your emotions, and your emotions color your experiences. By changing your daily thoughts you have the power to change your experiences and how you perceive your life.

To do this, you want to erase negative or limiting beliefs. Try to be aware of your thoughts throughout the day and have affirmations ready to invalidate them. Anything you say to yourself affects your subconscious mind. So while taking five minutes every day to recite your chosen affirmations is helpful, it’s important to also combat passing negative or limiting thoughts that occur throughout the day.

Sometimes these thoughts are so common or ingrained that we don’t even recognize them. In the beginning, keep a journal and write all of them down. This will help you become more aware of them so you can reverse them, and it will also give you insight into what affirmations you can invalidate them with.

For example, I often catch myself thinking things like:

  • I work too slowly.
  • I’m not motivated enough.
  • I waste too much time relaxing.
  • I’m not good enough.

The goal is to catch these thoughts so you can change them and eventually talk to yourself positively all the time.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be realistic about a situation or your role in it, but you can still give it a positive or constructive spin. Don’t beat yourself up when instead you can pinpoint lessons learned or identify a path forward. This will be easier to do when you’re accustomed to positive self-talk.

2. Align your affirmations with your goals

When you choose your affirmations, make sure to align them with your goals & the person you want to be. If you’re not sure about this, take some time to think about and write down your goals.

For example, because I tie my self worth to my accomplishments or failures, I am hugely afraid to fail. This leads to a lot of procrastination and debilitating perfectionism. So in order to be successful in my career ambitions, one of my goals is to overcome this limiting belief that my worth is determined by my accomplishments.

When creating my affirmations for success in this area of my life, I wanted ones that affirmed my self-worth and helped me break through my fear of failure. Accomplishing this will naturally reduce my procrastination and perfectionism and help me be consistently successful in my endeavors.

3. Create two lists

I have two lists of positive affirmations.

The first list is geared towards improving my sense of self worth. This is the number one personal attribute I want to fix, so I set aside time each day to recite this list. I use affirmations like:

  • My self esteem comes from within.
  • I honor and value myself as I am.
  • I am lovable.
  • I am okay with rejection.
  • I am healing all my childhood wounds and moving towards greater peace.
  • My fears are melting away.

The second list of affirmations is what I call my Neutralizing Affirmations. This is the list I’ve created based on all the negative thoughts I’ve caught going through my mind. So whenever I think that negative thought, I can immediately neutralize it with something positive.

For example, when I think “I work too slowly”, I then tell myself “I am diligent in my work”. Or if I catch myself thinking “I waste too much time relaxing” when I see all the tasks I didn’t accomplish that day, then my response to that is “I work hard to accomplish my goals”. (Real talk, there is no such thing as laziness; we all work hard in our own capacities.)

4. Recite your affirmations every day

This may be a no-brainer, but it’s important enough for me mention it. Like any habit that you expect to get results from, a half-assed approach won’t yield much. You must do these every day if you expect to change.

However, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or a week or even give up for a month. Practice self-kindness. Do what you can every day, and aim for as many non-zero days as possible.

5. Employ a meditative state

Some people believe that affirmations work better when you’re in a meditative state – or rather, when your subconscious is more pliant. While meditation is a habit you may have yet to make a part of your routine, there are some activities you can take advantage of that naturally put you in a more meditative or relaxed state.

These meditative activities are different for everyone, but you could try saying your affirmations when you’re going for a run, doing yoga, stretching, waking up or falling asleep, or even in the shower. Think about the times when your mind feels most relaxed and try to work in your affirmations to those parts of your routine.

6. Use grammatically positive language

If you decide to create your own positive affirmations, make sure you use positive language. Don’t use any negative words or prefixes – don’t, aren’t, un-, no, etc. These reduce the efficacy of the affirmation.

For example, don’t say “I’m not bad at talking to people”. Make sure all the language is as grammatically and emotionally positive as it can be. “I am confident talking to others” or “I enjoy talking to people.”

53 Affirmations for Success

I’ve compiled a lengthy list of positive affirmations so you can find ones that resonate the most with you and your life right now.

I encourage you to pin your favorites to your Pinterest board, save them to your computer, or print them out and stick them on your wall. Putting them in a place where you can see them everyday will help remind you of your goals and put you on the road to success.

I’m always updating and improving the list, so please check back occasionally as you find yourself facing different situations or difficulties in your life that call for new affirmations.

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