How To Drag Yourself Out of Bed and Conquer The Day When You Don’t Feel Like It

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Everyone has days when getting up in the morning feels like an impossible task. The day seems to drag on forever, and the assignments pile up along with it. In moments like this, it is understandable that many folks end up feeling even more stressed and overwhelmed by the end of the day. If this sounds like you, this article might offer you some much-needed advice.

Armed with the tips below, you will be able to slowly ease your way into a productive rhythm and gain the momentum you need to crush the day. 

Urgent and Difficult Tasks First

You always want to begin with the most critical and burdensome tasks first, so you’ll be able to invest more of your already-limited energy into those tasks that need it the most. Break them up into manageable blocks. Once you feel your focus start to wane, take a brief 10-15 minute break to reset. Rinse and repeat until the most urgent items on your to-do list have been completed. 

Think Small, Not Big

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to crawling your way out of a stubborn motivational slump. Remember, if you are struggling to crawl out of bed, do not expect the same level of productivity you are accustomed to. As mentioned earlier, you need to parse things out into smaller chunks.

So what would this look like in practice?

For example, say you have a five-page report due by the end of the week, and you are yet to start. Getting something done is better than nothing. It could be as simple as getting your title page finished or drafting an introduction section. While it might be tempting to trudge through a couple of pages painstakingly, it’s more than likely you will be sacrificing quality for quantity. 

Get Those Legs Moving

One of the best ways to catch a second wind if you feel your motivation begins to decline is to get physically active. Don’t worry – this does not have to turn into a full-on gym session. Instead, try going on a brisk 20-minute walk either on a treadmill or around your neighborhood. Grab some headphones and put on your favorite music or audiobook, and you are good to go.

Regardless of what type, exercise is effective at releasing feel-good endorphins that have you feeling energized and motivated. Do not hesitate to carve out some time in your schedule for a power walk or a brief workout session. It might just be the thing you need to stay on track. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Everyone has off-days, and that is okay. You will experience moments in life when even the most routine activities turn into uphill battles. It is crucial to cut yourself some slack during these episodes. Being your own harshest critic will only demotivate you further. Remember to acknowledge how you feel without assigning any value to it. Think of your thoughts and emotions as clouds that come and go. There is not much you can do to stop them, so it is best to accept them without judgment. Being kind to yourself will allow you to avoid the toxic loop of self-blame that prevents you from breaking through depressive slumps. 

Feeling like your best self is not always a guarantee, and off-days are a fact of life. Nevertheless, you can still make the most out of those days by considering the aforementioned tips. Prioritizing the critical stuff, portioning them into more manageable chunks, getting your blood flow going, and being kind to yourself are all time-tested ways to slowly and steadily drag yourself out of bed and seize the day. 

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