100 Life Goals Lists: A List of Goals to Set for Yourself

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100 Life Goals

Creating a list of long-term or life-long goals provides clarity and direction that can help you take actionable steps towards your goals and personal growth.

My lists are ever-evolving – as I grow and change as a person, the way I choose to spend my time and my goals naturally evolve with me – and that’s okay! The important thing is that I have something to guide my choices; I want to live deliberately and actively enjoy my life.

Here are my 100 life goals lists – multiple lists for each category of my life that add up to 100 total goals. I encourage you to set a list of goals for yourself as well!


  • Get six-pack abs
  • Do a double Bikram yoga class
  • Become a skilled swimmer
  • Become skilled in at least one type of ballroom dance
  • Participate in a Dressage competition
  • Do the splits
  • Do King Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana)
  • Do Wheel Pose
  • Learn ballet
  • Learn hiphop dance
  • Become a skilled tennis player
  • Do 60 days of Bikram yoga

Health & Self-Care

  • Participate in a meditation retreat
  • Do a Whole30
  • Adopt a full Paleo lifestyle
  • Fix my bad neck posture
  • Meditate an hour a day for 60 days
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Live minimally
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Do deep stretching daily for 60 days
  • Do back bending daily for 60 days
  • Try psilocybin


  • Become financially independent
  • Generate at least 3 streams of income
  • $10,000 emergency savings fund
  • $100,000 emergency savings fund
  • Generate a recurring passive income
  • Invest in stocks
  • Purchase a vacation home in Tahoe
  • Pay off all debt (and remain debt free)
  • Generate a six-figure income
  • Purchase a home
  • Purchase a good car without a loan
  • Invest in property


  • Own a home with a library and a secret garden
  • Vacation with friends every year for 3 years in a row
  • Go on a wine-tasting girls trip
  • Shave my head
  • Dye my hair cotton candy pink
  • Read 15 non-fiction books in one year
  • Publish a novel
  • Live by myself
  • Decorate and furnish my own place
  • Feel confident cooking for others
  • Learn to balance work, a social life, and health


  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit Germany and the city my Grandma was born
  • Visit Scotland and meet a highlander
  • Travel to another country solo
  • Stay in Japan for an extended time
  • Visit family in Illinois
  • Visit NYC
  • Visit Nashville, TN
  • Visit all of my long-distance friends in one year
  • Travel to every continent
  • Visit Austin, TX
  • Visit Sweden
  • Visit the Netherlands

Adventure / Experience

  • Backpack the Tahoe Rim Trail
  • Backpack the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Climb Mt. Whitney
  • Climb Mt. Fuji
  • Go on a full-moon hike
  • Meditate with a monk
  • See the Aurora Borealis
  • Experience a Japanese onsen
  • Visit a Japanese host club
  • Stay at a ryokan in Japan
  • Go on a cruise with friends

Knowledge / Learning

  • Pass the JLPT N3 exam
  • Pass the JLPT N2 exam
  • Learn to speak conversational Korean
  • Learn to speak conversational German
  • Learn to play piano
  • Learn to change a tire
  • Learn how to cook well
  • Learn to sing
  • Learn to play tennis
  • Learn all 10 types of ballroom dance

Social / Family

  • Build a closer relationship with my brother
  • Keep in regular contact with all my friends
  • Have a long-term healthy, loving relationship


  • Host a women’s coworking event
  • Host a creative writing seminar
  • Volunteer at a horse rescue
  • Volunteer at a women’s shelter
  • Donate regularly
  • Pay it forward on a regular basis


  • Create a successful yoga Instagram account
  • Build a financially successful blog
  • Run two successful blogs
  • Run a successful digital ad campaign
  • Generate 100k monthly uniques on one blog
  • Create an automated email course sequence
  • Build a newsletter audience of 1,000
  • Build a newsletter audience of 5,000

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